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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 26, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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street media don't want you to see. we're 40 days from election day. "hannity" starts right here right now. if you want a glimpse into what the future holds for america if president barack obama is handed a second term, take a hard long look at the chaos unfolding in the group in europe. violent riots are raging in the streets of spain and greece as angry mobs protest against the government and austerity measures there. in athens, more than 70,000 people descended on the greek parliament. molotov cocktails targeted police officers, and similar scenes of violence in madrid as well, but make no mistake if this president is in fact afforded another four years in office and has the ability to run up our national debt another $6 trillion, look right there, this is what main street in america may very well look like. the current path is beyond unsustainable. it is the direct result of nearly four years of reckless
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spending. forget about bush. this is the obama economy. 8.1% unemployment. $6 terrell in new obama debt. 1 in 6 americans currently live in poverty in this country. 46 million americans are in need of food stamps. fewer americans are working today than when the president took office in january of '09. gas prices have soared by over 100% during his tenure. today we learn that the average household income dropped by more than 8% in the less than four years president obama's been in office. what's the president doing about all that? well, he's, of course, campaigning out there all over the country. earlier today he stopped by kent state university in ohio, a place he visited back in 2008. let's take a walk down memory lane and see what he said. >> when bill clinton was president the average family income went up $7500.
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$7500. since george bush has been president, it's gone down $2,000. think about that. that's a $9500 swing. $9500. that's money out of your pocket. that's money going out of this country because we're borrowing it from china to send to saudi arabia to buy oil. that's what's added $4 trillion to our deficit. i mean, think about that. so we've created a mountain of debt for the next generation that they're going to have to pay off. >> sean: remember, under obama's watch household income has plummeted more than 8%, and he's added more debt than almost all of his predecessors combined. the president doesn't want to talk about his record because it's a record of failure. he's been disengaged from the moment he took office. not only is he not willing to meet with world leaders bike
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu, not willing to reach across the isle about serious matters. massive cuts and our defense are looming. the massive tax hike in history is imminent. mr. president, the solutions to those problems won't be reached by sitting on the couch of the "the view," nor found in jay-z's nightclub, nor in george clooney house. the author of a brand-new "new york times" bestseller is here. bob woodward. you said this is a moment of maximum peril. you described a president not engaged in terms of relationships to fix the problems he's failed. >> he worked on it, but didn't carry it over the finish line. you have to look at these things not for effort, but for results. and one thing i -- you make the
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case against him very strong there. one thing i would agree with you on is that it's beyond unsustainable. we have got to -- i mean, people are talking about the fiscal cliff coming. new tax increases, spending cuts and so forth. but the real problem is going to be in february when of necessity, whoever's president, is going to have to go to the congress and say, we need another trillion dollars, maybe $2 trillion in borrowing authority to pay our debts. we have got -- i mean, this is your conservative message which people should -- whether they agree with you or not -- >> sean: this is real. >> this is real. we are on a spending binge. something's got to be done about it now. now to obama's credit, when i talked to him a couple months ago, when i went through all of
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this, i think he in a way exquisitely is tuned into the ambivalences of all of this. as we've talked about, he's a progressive democrat, but he's a smart guy. he knows you've got to fix this. you've got to do something. now what's happened in this campaign, unfortunately, is the number one issue that's the number one threat to this country is not being discussed. >> sean: to me it is -- i see these scenes -- am i overstating the fact that all that we see unfolding in europe can happen here? am i overstating that? >> let's hope not. >> sean: i hope i'm wrong. >> i think we'll be wise enough to prevent that. but you're going to get to a point where this cracks. >> sean: tipping point. >> yeah. i mean, it's more than a tipping point. it's not me, it's economists center the left, from the right. the treasury secretary, tim geithner, throughout this book,
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in private meetings, in literally thousands of words is telling the president you've got to fix this. we've got to do something. we will trigger -- now think about this -- a depression worse than the 1930s. >> sean: my parents lived through that. my father grew up poor, spoke about it often. it wasn't pleasant. in the book you talk about a president, and compared him to both bill clinton, a democrat, and ronald reagan a republican, and how, you know, it was always ronald reagan and at thi tip o'l they could get along, make progress. bill clinton would talk anybody, be working out a deal. this president doesn't have those relationships. now we see the situation on what's going on in banghazi. two dead, navy seals. an ambassador. we haven't had an ambassador killed in 30 years. another person is dead. all of these embassies,
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consulates, have been raided, flags ripped down and burned. we're finding this president wasn't engaged with arab leaders either. >> well, "the new york times" had a story just a couple days ago saying exactly that. and this is the difficulty at home. for some -- i mean, take the president's own party. harry reid, the democrat. the leader of the senate, the second most powerful democrat in washington. he goes down to the white house and to wake the president up he has to use his chief of staff to tell him, i'm disappointed in you, the president, in the oval office, that we didn't have a fallback plan for all the shenanigan insist 2012. 2012 -- shenanigans in 2011.
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reed is leaving with his chief of staff in the car, and he says, i'm glad, you did a good job. someone had to tell him that. no one was telling him that. >> sean: nobody can tell him the truth. >> so the democratic leader needs to go into the oval office at 6:00 on a sunday night to kind of wake everyone up, including the president of the united states? >> sean: it's frightening. you know, i really loved your book. i actually went back and started rereading it, knowing you'll be on the program today. i look at this president, and i think of woodward, your partner who's a little more left wing, and bernstein and watergate, all that you've been through in your career. we have a situation where i believe the president of the united states is purposely lying. let me tell you what i mean. when he keeps referring to this attack on our embassy, and all of the evidence, including the libyan president, there were two waves of attack, mortars were
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used, i don't think a spontaneous attack -- i don't think somebody was holding a rocket-propelled grenade with them. it's on the anniversary of 9/11. the president keeps going back t nobody saw released in july as an excuse. that seems to me the type of story that the media would jump on and say, give us the facts here. why didn't we have beefed-up security on 9/11 at our consulate, at our embassies? where did we drop the ball here? they don't ask him. >> i have not done original reporting on that, so i don't know. the issue, which i think is the one that is going to come and bite this country in a way, where we'll be back talking about this in four, five, six months, and we'll say, see, we laid it out in a very, very direct way. and one of the things the president has said is that we've cut a trillion dollars.
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not so. it's all postponed to 2013. governor romney has said we're going to do things with the tax cold, cut everyone's taxes and get more money. not clear how that's going to happen. i hope in the coming debates the people who are the moderators, who are very smart and policy savvy won't let them just give an answer and -- you have to follow up and say, now wait a minute, that doesn't square. how are you going to do this? what is the expectation the public can have? i mean, this is most interesting. if you think about who is going to become president. they are going to have to do some really unpopular things. >> sean: very much so. >> to fix this. i mean, you look through the book, and it was john boehner the speaker who came to the president and said we need to do tax reform, entitlement reform.
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those are hard. they take a long time. >> sean: we need it. >> it's just got to be done. >> sean: i accept means testing. i don't like it, but i accept it. i accept they'll raise the eligibility age. these are basic things. mitt romney to his credit said that on "60 minutes" this weekend. here's a question for you as it relates to media. 40 days out of an election -- i argue we didn't vet obama in 2008. i was widely quoted as saying the president is laughing his ass off in this country, because if he says there's a donut in the sky they'll regurgitate it. we haven't asked the president, you promised you would cut the deficit in your first term, you didn't do it. $6 trillion in debt. you predicted $8 million more jobs if we passed your stimulus. fewer americans are working.
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these are fundamental questions, bob. >> we know those numbers. the real question is what is the plan to get us out of this? what are you going to do -- >> sean: don't you think he's got to be asked why he didn't do it the first time? >> well, we know the numbers. sure. i think in our business you can't be too aggressive. when i interviewed the president for an hour and a half a couple months ago, this was not a kind of how do you feel about this. it's you said this, you did that. what happened? >> sean: that's my point. >> well, i know you don't like him, but to his credit he answered the questions. he let him in. he let him in the white house, because i had documents and notes, and i said i'm going to play this straight. i believe i have at this -- you know, as somebody in the white house said, this is not a happy story. >> sean: you know, i got to tell you, if i was advising any president i'd tell them to stay
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as far as away from you as possible. i'm kidding. but you ask tough questions. i like it. >> transparency works. >> sean: i agree. >> you know, this is democracy. people need to answer those questions. and, you know, let's hope in the next whatever 40 days before the election -- >election -- >> sean: i hope so. >> -- we have some people who are moderators of those debates to also be a little tough and say, excuse me, governor, excuse me, mr. president, but i don't think you've answered those questions. >> sean: i love the book. good to see you. congratulations. another huge "new york times" bestseller. bob woodward, thank you very much. for weeks we've been saying the white house has been lying to you, the american people, about what information they had about the attack in banghazi that killed four americans. tonight there is more proof that this was all part of an elaborate cover-up by the administration. now according to the daily beast, who reportedly spoke with three intelligent officials, american intelligence agencies, they knew within 24 hours that
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al-qaeda affiliates were in fact involved in this attack, and finally hillary clinton admits al-qaeda was involved in the attack that killed four americans. that's what she said earlier today at a u.n. meeting. >> for some time al-qaeda and the islamic magrab and other groups have launched attacks and kidnappings from northern mali into northern countries. now with a larger safe haven and increased freedom to maneuver terrorists are extending to extend their reach and networks in multiple directions. they are working with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transitions underway in north africa as we tragically saw in banghazi. >> sean: joining me now with reaction former presidential candidate, cofounder of, herm man cain is back with us. everybody is saying this is
6:15 pm
spontaneous, the trailer was in july, all of this was on the anniversary of 9/11, they had mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, but it was spontaneous. the president still yesterday on "the view" didn't say, well, maybe terrorism. never said it definitively. reaction? >> failure of leadership. the fact that the president's skipped intelligence briefings, the fact that his administration had multiple stories, different stories coming from different corners of the administration, shows that the president was not engaged or leading on this issue, sean. and now they're finally admitting that it was planned, coordinated, and a terrorist attack. now all of a sudden they're finally coming out. it's simply a failure of leadership. period. >> sean: you know something, there's also -- i was bringing this up with bob woodward, the media in this country have sold out the american people.
6:16 pm
there are no woodward and bernsteins here. could you imagine if george bush, four dead americans, two navy seals, one ambassador, just a bump in the road. talks about a -- this is a guy who ran and said iran, cuba, venezuela, those countries are tiny, they're not a threat. >> right. >> sean: now saying it's only noise that the israelis are making about the iranians getting nuclear weapons, saying they'll wipe israel over the map. what would happen if george bush said that? >> they'd be calling for his resignation, for him to be impeached. you and i know that. i've never seen bias on the mart of the mainstream, lame stream, like we're seeing now than anytime before. it's downright disgusting. >> sean: obama is laughing his head off. obama knows he's manipulating all these guys. >> absolutely. >> sean: whatever he says, they'll repeat it, and focus on
6:17 pm
the comments, but won't focus on the economy. >> here's the other thing. he will change his story depending on who's talking to. he has failed on the promises he
6:18 pm
rhetoric and fishing for words in order to try and dance around the real issues and admit some of the things if the moderators do their job.
6:19 pm
>> sean: if. that's a big if. herman cain, nice to see you. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: harry reid is making religion an issue in the campaign this year. the senator blames mitt romney for "sullying the mormon faith." i have two words for you, harry reid, jeremiah wright, something i thought deserved thorough vetting. we'll check in with michelle malkin, sounding off tonight. ♪
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damn, america! damn america for treating citizens less than human.
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>> sean: sunday's 9/11, america's ches chickens are homo roost. >> me first? >> sean: you first. >> i don't care what religions my politicians are, because religion and politics are different. >> sean: would you sit in that guy's church? >> no. >> sean: what does it say about a guy that sat 20 years in that church? >> regardless what is said about governor romney, what is said about the president with regard to religion it doesn't matter. the reason i'm not a christian, i couldn't find christ among them. >> he not only sat in that church for 20 years, he titled his second autobiography after a title that jeremiah wright preached and said that wright was his spiritual mentor. >> sean: "he's like family to me." >> i think that's largely been litigated. i think the election will be about his performance as president. >> sean: i totally agree. >> this is a campaign by man
6:26 pm
that promised there were no red states or blue states, he would bring us together, he would heal the planet, that the oceans would start to recede. instead what you're seeing is chicago gangland-style, fear and smear. this is a campaign whose super pac, money has been raised by white house as well as campaign officials suggested that mitt romney was responsible for the death of a man's wife, according to glen thrush of politico, axelrod has personally pushed the message that romney has a weirdness factor. he said that he's, quote, from another planet. now they play the religion card. >> sean: they've also played the race card. >> all of the above. >> sean: they have played divide america along racial lines, rich versus poor, old versus young, scare grandma, we're going to throw granny over the cliff. republicans don't want clean water. obama lies.
6:27 pm
the president said their plan is for dirty air and dirty water. that's a lie. i don't like my president lying to me. do you like your president lying to you? >> i think it's wrong, left or right, politician or otherwise. when governor romney says the president is apologizing, he's lying. we're lying if we think that it's okay to attack the president's christianity whether it's with jeremiah wright or billy graham's son -- >> sean: this is another cheap shot by the dirtiest campaign in history. >> senator reid is not -- >> sean: let's be real. the point is liberals like yourself remain silent. you stand idly by and make exceptions. >> i'm here. >> do you condemn harry reid's remark or not? >> no. >> you don't condemn him attacking his faith? >> i don't condemn his
6:28 pm
constitutional right. >> i'm askk whether you find the content of those remarks acceptable. yes or no? >> as a former christian, that nobody should add to or take away from this bible, i'm perplexed about an assault on a religion, the book of mormon -- >> wait. you didn't the answer question. i wonder if stephanie cutter the garbage that's spewing out of her mouth. she seems to think women won't bat an eyelash over the dreadful first four years of the obama presidency. women are going to forgive and forget and say, please, please, please. michelle malkin will tee off on that ridiculous idea straight ahead. it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day!
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with ralph reed and leslie marshall. all right. we're talking about religion, and how harry reid has brought it up in this case. you were asking an important case. i'll throw it back to you. >> i think my point is that this is clearly part of a systemic strategy by the obama campaign to try to remind evangelical voters who they overperformed with four years ago that mitt romney is a mormon. i don't think it's an accident that they play the religion card. i think it shows, by the way, a fundamental misunderstanding of evangelical voters. >> sean: romney has been accused pretty much of murder. he wasn't even at bain capital at the time this woman got sick. it was seven years after he left before she died. he was gone. the president makes a million dollars from bil bill maher, uss
6:34 pm
sandra fluke. i want to know what do you say to the guy you're going to vote for -- >> i find hypocrisy when you're attacking someone's christianity. how many people said he was a muslim, questioning his religion? >> sean: you didn't answer my question. is this president running a smear campaign? >> i think both are. >> sean: give me an equivalent. >> it works. >> sean: give me the equivalent. >> well, mitt romney, to his credit, i will give him that, when everyone is questioning the president's birthplace -- >> there's one simple reason they have to do that, because they can't talk about the record. he promised to cut the deficit at the end of his first term. he's blown a hole in the deficit large enough to drive a mack
6:35 pm
truck through. >> sean: i want to go to ralph's point here. this president said the republicans want dirty air and water, that mitt romney is pretty much a murderer, they want kids with autism, down syndromes and the elderly to fend for themselves. this president has never been asked why he said those things and why he believes them. >> it's simple. there's 23 million giving up looking for work. you engage in personal attacks on your opponent. it's not going to work. i'll tell you why, it's not going to work because the failed economic record of this president, and it's not going to work because he's out of step with the values of mainstream perq. it doesn't how much they try to smear romney's faith, those personal attacks -- >> sean: he agree. >> when senator reid said this, and i don't think it was fortunate to say this, but when he said this about mitt romney's faith, we come after him, how
6:36 pm
come it was okay to for john boehner to say president obama never worked as a senator? i did not get the memo on the purple ties. >> sean: thank you very much. michelle malkin coming up will unleer on stephanie cutter and the rnc reveals new ads that spells out why four more years of obama mean disaster. ryareince priebus is here with those ads coming up on "hannity."
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>> sean: last sunday on a special edition of hannity's america, we exposed obama's dirty campaign tactics. >> the obama campaign has been called one of the dirtiest in american history, and to many americans the face of that campaign is stephanie cutter. >> hi. i'm stephanie cutter, the deputy campaign manager here at obama for america. i wanted to arm you with the
6:41 pm
facts. >> sean: willing to say anything to get her candidate re-elected, cutter has waged a campaign of lies and slander. cutter is at it again, this time turning her attention to women voters. >> you find most often with women, they're not really concerned about watts happened over the last -- what's happened over the last four years. they want to know what's going to happen in the next four years. >> sean: i'm glad to hear that unemployment isn't something female voters won't worry about in the next four years. joining us michelle malkin. we're going to show two parts of this. one is when she -- i don't know any of the facts of joe soptic, and she's on a conference call with joe soptic, and he says we'll turn it over to stephanie.
6:42 pm
listen to this high. >> sean: we don't have anything to do with priorities usa. that by law we're not allowed to coordinate with them. by law, we don't have anything to do with their ads. i don't know the facts of when joe soptic's wife got sick or died. >> a while a little later she was diagnosed with lung cancer. i had to put her in a county hospital because she didn't have healthcare. when the cancer took her away all i got was an enormous bill. now i'll turn the call back over to stephanie. >> great, thank you, joe. we appreciate you and david sharing your experiences. >> sean: "thank you, joe, we appreciate you sharing your experiences." she said later i don't know the facts of this case. caught in a lie. still working for the campaign. >> caught right-handed, or i guess blue-handed. she's a shameless lying liar. you need to have two feet of clearance space for that nose that keeps growing and growing, stephanie cutterocchio.
6:43 pm
she's trying to persuade women they should last forget the last four years, down the memory hole, all those millions of women out of work, all the millions of female taxpayers whose money has been squandered on crony projects and boondoggles, and she blabs and blabs about the war on women when of course it's this administration that has waged it, most ruthlessly on mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters of all the men who have lost their jobs and who are far less better off than four years ago. >> sean: all the women that have lost their jobs. you know, a president that's divided so much in so many ways, but the economy is not better for the american people. we threw these statistics up at the beginning of the program, things that are ignored by the mainstream media. i want your advice. when you debate, you fight, you fight back with facts.
6:44 pm
what would you like to see out of governor romney one week from now when he's debating? >> to take on the rigged game that this entire presidential debate system has become. of course they accepted the current lot of lapdog liberals who will be controlling that venue. he can certainly take notes from his previous debating opponents in the gop primary. newt gingrich and rick santorum, and i certainly don't agree with either of them on anything, on everything, but the way they challenged the basic false premises of these very far from neutral observers was very admirable, something that appeals not just to the base of the republican party and conservatives, but i think especially to those independents. i mean, the first debate will be here in colorado. this is a huge battleground state. particularly when it comes to these women issues, the democrat
6:45 pm
party has vastly overreached in this whole idea that women simply think with their chromosomes and internal organs. the way that the democrats have presented themselves as champions of women, when of course they have this destructive economic record, and the caricature of the sandra fluke typos, radical pinkos, dancing around in costumes dressed up as reproductive organs. this is not what mainstream females are about. we need to have the romney campaign representing that. >> sean: m see you as always. and coming up -- >> i said even at the time, this is going to be a rocky path. there will be bumps in the road. >> sean: the rnc hits the president with the truth. chairman reince priebus is here with a series of new ads that will leave you wondering why
6:46 pm
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>> rocket-propelled grenades have hit the building. >> well, i said even at the time that this was going to be a rocky path, there would be bumps in the road. bumps in the road. bumps in a road. >> sean: a new ad put out by the republican national committee to address the president not leading this country. our flag ripped down, death to america chanted, and al-qaeda flags waved. reince priebus joins us. >> it's amazing that in 2007 the president went on tv and said, i've spent time in indonesia. i've got a background that will allow us to better our relationships in northern africa and the middle east. like most of his promises, sean,
6:51 pm
he doesn't poll through. here we go, we've got dead former seal, four diplomats, patriots, that came home to families that are grieving. we've got a president that calls it's a bump in the road. >> sean: bump in the road. your other bad, which is called why. it asks why the president won't call this what it is, a terrorist attack, and blaming something the libyan president says doesn't deserve the blame. here's the new ad. >> what happened in banghazi was a terrorist attack. >> what happened in banghazi was a terrorist attack. >> i would say yes, they were killed in the course of the terrorist attack on our embassy. >> terrorist attack. >> terrorist attack. >> i want to talk about libya for a second, because on 9/11 of this past year our embassy was attacked there, and we lost four people, including the ambassador. then i heard hillary clinton say that it was an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> we're still doing an investigation. there's no doubt that the kind
6:52 pm
of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault, that it wasn't just a mob action. >> uh-huh. >> now, you know, we don't have all the information yet. >> what happened in banghazi was a terrorist attack. >> terrorist attack. >> sean: president keeps telling everybody it has to do with his movie trailer released in july, i guess 9/11 is a coincidence. is he covering up his actions or failure to act? >> you would think that a president would address the american people on a terrorist attack that now he's finally admitting through a white house spokesperson today, you think he'd address the american people when something like this happens on the anniversary of 9/11. it's unbelievable. it kind of reminds me of what barack obama likes to talk about other people about shooting first and aiming later. i think he should take his own
6:53 pm
advice. you know, this is a serious situation over there. like i said, before, i just think that what the american people and what the press ought to be asking -- i think it's real egregious what's happening in the media -- is asking this president, i mean, what happened over in libya? why is that we had four diplomats that were essentially unarmed? i mean, why is that -- you know, were we warned? what did we know, when did we know it? >> sean: yeah. >> there's the questions that barack obama has to have answers for, because either he's covering something up or he hasn't been able to get to the bottom of what's been going on in the middle east. >> sean: we learned today, our intelligence knew within 24 hours, this has been an orchestrated propaganda campaign because he didn't beef up security at our consulate, our embassies on the anniversary of 9/11. all right, when we come back, i've got another ad you guys
6:54 pm
were running, probably the hardest-hitting to date. we'll get your thoughts on it. more with chairman priebus coming up after the break. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> in 2008 didn't candidate barack obama run on the idea that he could fix washington and change the status quo? >> my whole campaign has been premised from the start on the idea that we have to fundamentally change how washington works. i'm running to finally solve problems we talk about year after year after year. to end the division. >> the way of washington must change. they must change now. that's why i'm running for president of the united states. >> if by his own admission he hasn't accomplished that, why should we give him another chance? >> i've learned lessons over the last four years. the most important lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can't change from the inside. >> he said he can't change
6:58 pm
washington from inside. we'll give him that chance in november. this is time for a new president. i'll get the job done. we'll restore the economic strength we need to put people back to work. >> sean: the whole campaign was about changing washington, change, change, change, but i can't do it. what an admission. can you imagine if george bush said that? >> well, the barack obama brand is broken. i mean, the coca-cola, the brand of obama is broken. here's the thing. this president's in love with being president. he's not in love with doing the job of president. that's the big disconnect. he's not real anymore. he's not who he said he was. it's time for barack obama -- you know, he hasn't done it for -- in three quarters of years, but it's time for him to exhibit the leadership that a president needs to exhibit. it's time for him to start doing his day job. i think that's what this country is looking for. i think that's what they're
6:59 pm
starving for. they're looking for people who want to do something special, not be somebody special. that's where barack obama is. >> sean: no, we can. i wonder if they'll start chanting that at his rallies. mr. chairman, good to see you. >> i will tell you that we've decided to put $4 million into the ad-buying arm of the rnc. >> sean: thank you. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight ann romney is here. you're about to get the inside scoop from her in just minutes. but first, fearless leader or total failure? there's a big difference. when it comes to president obama some people have already made their minds up. >> when you look at the facts, when you look at the record, when you look at the substance of this administration the past 3 1/2 years, we have a president


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